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Equipment List

Equipment doesn't make or break a film, but it does draw a line for professionalism. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of equipment, from DIY to professional quality. In recent times I have invested in several tools that I feel are necessary to imbue content with the look and feel that I love.

Canon C200 

4k quality, RAW capability, up to 120fps Slow Motion. This camera is a power house and the results speak for themselves. Footage responds favorably to color grading.

Sony A7 iii

This excellent full frame camera serves as second camera on shoots where multiple angles are needed simultaneously.

Steadicam Flyer LE

This capable rig is able to fly up to 19lbs of payload. With 24V of potential battery supply, it can run a series of accessories for any camera set up. Capable of flying Arri Alexa Mini.

Glidecam HD2000

A smaller stabilization rig designed for the 2lb-10lb camera class.

Dolly and Tracks

Custom made dolly system that is easily portable and produces a quality image.

18-55mm + 55-250mm Canon Lenses

Pristine image quality and low light capabilities. When paired with the C200, the results are gorgeous.


Due to lens prices and the need for specificity, lens rentals are often more economic. Any specific lenses that are needed for a project are rented.

Teradek Bolt 300 Kit and 7" Monitor

Allows clients to view footage remotely and pairs efficiently with a wireless follow focus system.

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