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About Me

I love movies. My filmmaking experience, like many I presume, began in the long aisles of the video rental store down the street from where I grew up. My childhood was littered with cult classics and the bizarre horror films that no one else wanted to rent out. It comes as no surprise: by seventh grade I had decided I wanted to be a director.


Since then, I’ve made over fifteen short films, tens of different kinds of commercials, and on the technical side I’ve focused in on Glidecam operation and have logged five plus years experience.


I am available for hire as a Glidecam operator, director, or for complete start to finish commercial work and marketing. Please contact me if you have any questions. Also, check in here occasionally, and you may find that there’s a new narrative project on the way. They’re always a lot of fun.


2018 Flagler Film Festival

A Tap Dancer Murders Her Father was selected and screened at the 2018 Flagler Film Festival. It was also nominated for three awards: Best Director in Anything Goes Dark, Indie Auteur, and Most Creative.

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